Israel as the Agri-Tech Capital of the World is a country with powerful agricultural capabilities, and a producer of world-leading food technologies.


Israel is the world leader in R&D within the Medical Cannabis industry.

For more than 60 years it has developed specific research on cannabis and was the only country that implemented a joint development methodology between R&D, the Academy, government entities and all companies in the sector (production, extraction, formulation, etc.).

Currently Israel is a world leader in the Medical Cannabis sector with production with the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality.


Israel is the 5th most innovative country in the World according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2019 and is 2nd worldwide in the startup ecosystem behind the US, taking into account the difference in population between both countries: 327.2 million in the USA vs 8,712 million in Israel.

In a growing and competitive global economy, the only way to constantly add value to a product or service and increase productivity is Innovation.


With more than 600 companies specializing in various areas, including energy efficiency, water management, agricultural technology and waste and recycling, Israel is driving sustainable change in global energy and environmental ecosystems.

Ranked # 1 in the World in the 2014 Global Cleantech Innovation Index, Israel continues to be a pioneer in development.


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